The Hermes Group

About us

In today's competitive environment, even the most successful organizations can benefit from independent expertise and counsel on matters of technology, strategy and alignment with business objectives. Business decisions often depend on particularly challenging technological issues, and the ongoing marketplace battle to be competitive often hinges on the wise use of technology as a competitive asset. To address these needs, ongoing, focused access to knowledgeable and independent resources, such as the ones provided by the Hermes Group, is invaluable.
The Hermes Group will utilize the tools and methodologies necessary, including software, methodologies, and consulting services to assist organizations solve tactical and strategic business problems as they enter the Information Age.
The Hermes Group's primary mission is to solve client business problems that involve people, processes, and information technology and affect business performance and profitability. These business problems may require use of technologies and/or methodologies such as LAN/WAN, Operating Systems, Electronic Messaging Infrastructure, Internet and intranet services and Information Security.
Wonder about our company name?
The founders named the company after the Greek god Hermes (Romans later renamed him Mercury), who functioned as the messenger among the Greek pantheon of gods. He was also considered the protector god of Commerce and his statue was often placed in ancient harbors and "agora" -marketplaces. Our company's function is similar in that we facilitate commerce and business communications by leveraging on technology. The "Group" in our name further emphasizes the collaborative efforts of ourselves and our associates in our quest to improve our clients' competitive position in the Digital Economy. Here is another trivia: our corporate logo (shown at the top of this page) is modeled after the "winglets" Hermes (picture) was usually shown wearing around his ankles, his very own, integrated fast transport medium!