The Hermes Group

What we do

The IT Challenge

In today’s global competitive markets, organizations are faced with increasing demands to reduce life-cycles, improve product quality and customer service and increase their efficiencies. Simultaneously, they are allocated fewer resources to accomplish these goals.
If you experience any of the following:
  • - Are you planning a major installation or migration?
  • - Are you responsible for multi-vendor, multi-platform computing systems and lack the in-house know-how?
  • - Does the lack of corporate desktop, network or operating systems standards limit your ability to deploy critical business systems in a timely manner?
  • - Is the lack of qualified personnel with specific skills delaying your projects?
  • - Is your company outsourcing, requiring you to manage a multi-vendor environment?
  • - Do your internal clients demand quick turn-around time for deployment of business and technology solutions?
  • - Do you feel overwhelmed with support tasks, caught in a reactive mode and unable to allocate resources for new projects?
If the above challenges sound familiar, The Hermes Group can be of service.

The Hermes Group is designed to function as an independent business partner to organizations that are faced with these complex decisions.
We can materially improve their performance with proper deployment of technology while maintaining the stability of their business systems.
We are a cohesive, entrepreneurial-minded group of professionals, lead by senior partners with 10-20 years of experience in the field of technology management.
It is accepted today that two of the biggest challenges organizations using technology face are locating/retaining skilled staff and maintaining focus of the business functions. The Hermes Group is a vendor-independent, consulting organization founded to bridge the gaps that exist today between technology, people and business processes

The Value of a Relationship with The Hermes Group

Our services cover a broad range of technologies and the quality of our work is demonstrated by our past projects. We provide a wide range of IT management services for professionals who are involved in the use, purchase or provision of IT products and services.
Through the research, analysis and implementation of recommendations of The Hermes Group associates, clients can measurably improve the effectiveness of their decisions and efficiency of the operations. The benefits that The Hermes Group provides to clients include:
  • - Saving Money
    Extending the value of your IT dollars through a complete understanding of alternatives and means of negotiating leverage.
  • - Staff Extension:
  • Having access to our partners and associates will extend your staff resources to better utilize your time and budget.
  • - Accountability Insurance
  • Ensuring your IT decisions are made with the best possible information and planning assumptions from the experience of the world's leading analysts.
  • - Supporting Strategic and Tactical Plans
    Keeping you in a position of power with minimal risks, Gartner Group outlines evolving markets and vendor strategies, giving you a constant flow of analysis of market forces and trends that has become a prerequisite for changing strategic and tactical plans.
  • - Technology "know-how" transfer
    Joint technology deployment and implementation provides your staff with state-of-the-art tools and techniques to help them keep pace with technology. This is an improvement over the traditional "classroom training" because it is hands-on and it uses the very same platforms that your company is using. Moreover, by project completion, there is a significant "know-how" that remains with your staff as "corporate memory" to ensure smooth operations.

The Hermes Group is specifically designed to achieve the above objectives and help your business transform for the Digital Economy.