The Hermes Group

What we think

The Digital Economy
The Hermes Group believes, along with many Fortune 1000 business executives, that a distinct Digital Economy is emerging. This Digital Economy is turning business upside-down, accelerating and amplifying information flows locally and worldwide, giving startups the marketplace clout of veteran participants, reorganizing the economics of markets, and driving new wealth-building mechanisms.

New Business Ecosystem
Perhaps the most significant impact of the Internet on today's business is the shift from physical to digital value chains. As more companies replace pieces of their value chains with virtual partnerships, The Hermes Group believes that the next step is complex business-to-business and business-to-consumer ecosystems. These Digital Business Ecosystems allows businesses to pool their core competencies and provide additional offerings and seamless services to customers.

If your business is on the Internet anywhere on it you have the ability to reach customers, suppliers, and business partners all over the world. But between your business and its glo